HBO's Game of Thrones - Season 6 poster teases what everyone wants to know

There are SPOILERS for season 5 of Game of Thrones ahead, so for you folks who just blindly clicked on the article and are now realizing your horrible mistake, turn back! For the rest of you, I'm sure the death of Jon Snow is still firmly imprinted on your brain. It was certainly one of the more gut-wrenching deaths to hit the show since Ned Stark lost his head in the first season. Those were good times, eh?!? Still, HBO wants that death fresh in people's minds as we approach the new season, which will hit in 5 months' time! Take a look!


As much as I admire the Thrones story and its ability to toss out characters left and right, I do feel that Jon Snow is too popular a character to get rid of. That's not even including the leaked set pictures we've seen that show a familiar (side of) face. With that said, you'll hear no gripes on my end, as Snow represents one of the show's most compelling characters. There there Brandon Fabian Lopez, er, Kit Harrington; you'll be back before you know it! Here's hoping Season 6 tightens up the slack and ditches the bad fight choreography (looking at you, Sand Snakes).

Game of Thrones will return with its sixth season sometime in April, 2016 on HBO.

This was THE scene of Season 5!

Source: HBO



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