Hilarious new trailer for Identity Thief starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy

Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy are teaming up to bring you some knock-down, drag-out laughs in their new film IDENTITY THIEF from HORRIBLE BOSSES helmer, Seth Gordon, and today we've got a brand new trailer to share.  Chock full of the typical Bateman straight-guy shtick and the physical comedy of McCarthy, this is perhaps one of the most brilliant and unlikely team ups in recent memory.  Normally, I'd save something like this for home viewing, but it looks big, fast, crazy, and funny enough to hit the theater for. 

I enjoyed HORRIBLE BOSSES very much and the two leads have absolutely go the comedy "it" factor to carry a movie like this.  All said, I'm on board. McCarthy has been burning it up since BRIDESMAIDS and I'm looking forward to other comedy duo team up with Sandra Bullock in THE HEAT, which hits in April 2013.

Road Trip!:

Here's the synopsis:

Unlimited funds have allowed Diana to live it up on the outskirts of Miami, where the queen of retail buys whatever strikes her fancy. There's only one glitch: The ID she's using to finance these sprees reads "Sandy Bigelow Patterson"... and it belongs to an accounts rep who lives halfway across the U.S.

With only one week to hunt down the con artist before his world implodes, the real Sandy Bigelow Patterson heads south to confront the woman with an all-access pass to his life. And as he attempts to bribe, coax and wrangle her the 2,000 miles to Denver, one easy target will discover just how tough it is to get your name back.

IDENTITY THIEF is ready to take money from your wallet on February 8, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: What comedy team up would you like to see?
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