I Want That: Bid on this auction for almost 2000 Star Wars action figures!

If you are like me, you probably don't have $7000 (as of 6pm EST on 11/30/12) laying around to spend on action figures. But, if you are that lucky Powerball winner, here is a good way to start spending some of that dough.

A non-profit group known as Rancho Obi-Wan is auctioning off 1950 STAR WARS action figures on eBay. The collection is described as "loose, mostly complete, bagged, cataloged and in very good to excellent condition." These comprise more than two-thirds of all STAR WARS figures that have been manufactured. That is one hell of a collection!

Plus, buying them is a good deed! From the auction:

To celebrate the publication of the most comprehensive Star Wars action figure book ever, and the one-year anniversary of the nonprofit Star Wars museum at Rancho Obi-Wan (ROW), we are offering what we believe is the largest single collection of unique Star Wars action figures ever made available on eBay.

This amazing auction includes a huge lot of 1,950 different loose action figures collected over decades--starting with the vintage line in 1978--and representing over 85% of the figures documented in the new book Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection.

The auction proceeds will benefit Rancho Obi-Wan, a 501(c)(3) organization. The figures have been donated by one-time ILM model maker Fon Davis of FonCo Creative Services, Lagunitas, CA.

Nearly every figure was removed from the packaging only to be lovingly displayed in locked cases. All figures are in very good to excellent condition with most original accessories. Detailed descriptions of vintage figures are below. This collection has been appraised at a minimum value of $8,200 by Pete Vilmur, collecting expert and co-author of four Star Wars books.

"This incredible collection of nearly every Star Wars action figure ever produced is the largest group of figures I've seen offered in a single lot," Vilmur said. "Based on the sharp condition and completeness of this collection (100% of the 1978-85 series is here, and nearly every subsequent figure produced to early 2011), I'd appraise this set at a minimum $8,200 to $8,500. There is minor wear on some of the vintage figures (as is typical around the edges of the feet) while all modern figures appear fresh off the card. All vintage accessories are accounted for unless otherwise indicated and are believed to be authentic."

  • 1,950 unique, loose, bagged and inventoried Star Wars action figures listed in the book
  • Printed list of action figures by inventory number and by book page number
  • The vast majority of all original accessories for each figure
  • Many additional loose accessories that may be matched to each figure
  • Many action figure stands that were included with the packaged figure
  • One copy of Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection with bookplate signed by all four authors: Steve Sansweet, Anne Neumann, Dan Curto and Paul Harrison

The auction site lists every figure available in the set, but just check out this image and tell me you don't want it. Click the image for a bigger version.

Extra Tidbit: Makes me wish my mom didn't sell all my old figures from back in the day. They would be worth so much right now!
Source: eBay



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