Jean-Claude Van Johnson teases what's to come on Amazon tomorrow

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Ever wanted to know what Jean-Claude Van Damme does in the morning - what he eats for breakfast, how he gets his paper? If so, you're in luck with this amazing teaser for the pilot of JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON, which premieres on Amazon tomorrow

No, seriously... This thing looks incredible, and you should check it out immediately. I mean, that's a lot of Pop Tarts for any one person. 

If you need to eliminate a political rival, debilitate a multinational corporation, or overthrow an entire government—and you need it done with the utmost secrecy—there’s only one person to turn to: one of the most internationally recognizable movie stars in the history of film. Jean-Claude Van Johnson stars Jean-Claude Van Damme (JCVD) playing “Jean-Claude Van Johnson,” a global martial arts and film sensation…and, operating under the simple alias of “Johnson,” the most dangerous undercover private contractor in the world. Lucky for the world’s bad guys, he’s been retired for years…unlucky for them, a chance encounter with a lost love is about to bring him back to the game…and this time, he’ll be deadlier than ever. Probably.

The pilot will be one of three that launches on Amazon, with viewers called upon to rate and comment upon the shows. The ones that people dig may make it as series. The ones that don't will be thrown onto a pile of Coulda-Been's. This one needs to make it to series. 

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