Jordan Peele jokes about how Get Out can be considered a Christmas movie

There are almost too many Christmas film classics in the world, from wholesome outings like IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, to children’s movies like ELF and THE POLAR EXPRESS, and even R-rated action flicks like DIE HARD and LETHAL WEAPON. The criteria to be considered a Christmas movie are not all that hard to meet, and if you really think about it, even the social thriller GET OUT can rank among the Christmas greats.

We can thank director Jordan Peele for blowing our minds, as the man joked around on Twitter by listing all the ways it fits the category when asked about it by a fan. Take a look below, and prepare to look off into the distance and go, “Wow, it all makes sense.”

Hats off to Peele for a pretty great response to the question, as he clearly put a little time into thinking about it himself. As a result, it's almost impossible NOT to think of the movies as a Christmas film. It works especially well considering all the debates around the internet about what classifies a movie as a “Christmas movie.” Is it really that hard? But, hey, maybe GET OUT can be a Christmas movie. The flick was recently nominated for Best Picture in the Musical or Comedy section at the Golden Globes, and if it can be a comedy, then hell, why not a Christmas movie, right?

GET OUT is on Blu-ray now, and you should buy it if you haven't already.

Source: Jordan Peele



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