Josh Boone's The Stand will be preceded by an 8-part miniseries on Showtime

I'm one of those jerks who have neither read Stephen King's "The Stand" nor seen the 1994 TV miniseries of the same time, but I am aware that "The Stand" is quite the gigantic book and therefore a tricky thing to condense. The big-screen adaptation of THE STAND has been a long time coming with the project entering and exiting many different hands before THE FAULT IN OUR STARS director Josh Boone settled in to write and direct the adaptation.

The director originally sold the studio on a single three-hour movie before the studio then offered Boone the option of making THE STAND into four films. Well it looks as though things have changed once again as The Wrap is reporting that THE STAND will once again consist of a single feature-film, but it will now be preceded by an eight-part miniseries. Warner Bros. and CBS Films are currently in talks with Showtime about airing the series which would also be written and directed by Josh Boone.

As far as actors are concerned, The Wrap mentions that Josh Boone has his sights set on many A-list stars for the project. It's possible that Matthew McConaughey, whose involvment in the film has been rumoured for some time, could be one of them. As for me, I'm off to the library to take out a copy of "The Stand." Maybe then people will stop pelting my door with rotten vegetables.

What do you folks think, is this the best way to adapt The Stand?

Source: The Wrap



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