Jurassic World 2 director JA Bayona reveals first official pic from the film

If I had to rank the JURASSIC PARK sequels, JURASSIC WORLD would easily be on the bottom of the heap. Besides the WWE Dino tag-team at the end (which was indeed awesome-as-fuck), the rest of the movie was chock full of unlikable characters doing stupid things and being chased by dinosaurs that somehow look worse than they did over twenty years ago. And don't even get me started on the idiotic bubble vehicles! I know the movie has fans (the basic premise of a super-charged genetic dinosaur that is also a metaphor for blockbuster filmmaking is sound), it's just that the execution had a lot to be desired in my opinion.

That's not to say I'm not excited for the upcoming sequel, though! I absolutely adored director J.A. Bayona's last film A MONSTER CALLS (or as much as I could see with all the tears obscuring my vision). So there's still hope!

And now we have our first look at the film!

Huh. Not much to gleam here, plot-wise. I mean, it's pretty looking at least - that's already a step in the right direction from the first JURASSIC WORLD. It also seems like more kids will be put in danger (a JURASSIC PARK franchise staple). So that's cool.

Either way, JURASSIC WORLD will bite, stomp, and claw into theaters June 22nd, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Remember when JURASSIC PARK 4 was going to involve half-dino commandos? After seeing JURASSIC WORLD, I'd prefer it.
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