Jurassic World clips threaten to turn children into "one big pile of shit"

We're dangerously close to the premiere of JURASSIC WORLD and despite my earlier apprehensions, I have to say that I'm actually looking forward to the film now. A variety of dinosaurs rampaging throughout a fully operational Jurassic Park? Why did I ever doubt it?

Universal has been releasing several JURASSIC WORLD clips in anticipation of the big premiere, and we're got two new ones to share with you!

Based on these two clips, I feel fairly confident that Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins won't live to see the credits roll. Surely they won't let these kids* narrowly escape the franchises' new marauding carnivore and live to tell about it, will they? Early tracking of JURASSIC WORLD seems to indicate that the film will have a fairly large opening once it hits theaters, but I suppose that's no indication of quality. I'm not hoping for a masterpiece by any means, but a solid piece of entertainment seems within the realm of possibility.

JURASSIC WORLD opens on June 12, 2015 and those checking out JURASSIC WORLD in IMAX will get the added bonus of six-minutes of footage from Marvel's ANT-MAN.

*I know Nick Robinson is actually 20, but he's younger than me so he's a "kid." Get off my lawn.

Source: Youtube



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