Kenny Powers is like a phoenix in this trailer for season four of Eastbound & Down

The final season of EASTBOUND & DOWN is on the way, and Kenny Powers is taking what's his.

A new trailer for the upcoming season shows that Kenny is alive and well…and a bleach blonde. This phase doesn't last long as he goes back to those wonderful brunette locks and another round of hijinks. Though this time it seems that he's looking to buckle his shit down. It's time for Kenny Powers to find the fame and fortune that Kenny Powers deserves.

Thankfully we got a final season to tie everything up after the scare that the show was not coming back after the last season. Expect to see guest stars Ken Marino who is in the trailer, and Lindsay Lohan who is absent for this one. I think I am most excited to see the moments between Kenny, April, and their son Toby. What great parenting.

The fourth and final of season of EASTBOUND & DOWN will premiere on September 29, 2013.

Source: HBO



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