Kevin Feige says Thor: Ragnarok will not be directed by Kenneth Branagh

A few weeks ago, a rumor surfaced that had THOR director Kenneth Branagh potentially returning to helm THOR: RAGNAROK. The reception was mostly positive even if it seemed like a long shot. Now, we have confirmed that this will not be happening.

Speaking with Collider, Marvel's Kevin Feige has said there is no truth to the rumor of Branagh's return. In fact, Feige doesn't know where that rumor even came from. But, he did drop a hint as to when we will find out who is directing THOR: RAGNAROK.

“[P]robably towards the end of the summer we would announce a filmmaker and a writer. May be the same person, I don’t know, may be two different people.”

Feige is likely playing coy about the announcement date, but with Marvel not attending San Diego Comic Con this year, it could come in the form of their Phase Three announcement back in October. I would expect news surrounding CAPTAIN MARVEL, DOCTOR STRANGE, and BLACK PANTHER to all be revealed at that point which now seems to be by the end of the summer.

It is an odd hint to drop that the director of THOR: RAGNAROK may also direct the film since that didn't work out so well with Edgar Wright and ANT-MAN, but if they find the right person, it could be something special. We should find out more in the next few months.

THOR: RAGNAROK is slated to open on November 3, 2017.

Source: Collider



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