Learn about MC State and their football team in these 22 Jump Street clips

Ah, college. The good old days where every high school student gets a fresh start and either turns into a complete drunken idiot or flourishes without parents over their shoulder. Also the perfect setting for two undercover cops to take down drug dealers in hilarious fashion. While 21 JUMP STREET was able to ingratiate Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill into the student body despite a role snafu that miscast them as the geek and the athlete, 22 JUMP STREET returns the actors to their native character types.

In this new viral video for the action comedy, Channing Tatum's Greg Jenko shows off his football skills as Brad McQuaid. Alongside MC State quaterback Zook Haith (Owen Wilson look-a-like Wyatt Russell), McQuaid makes an NFL scout reel to try and convince pro teams they are the best rookies out there. The results are ridiculous and hilarious.

22 JUMP STREET doesn't look like it is going bigger than the first film but following the same structure and humor. If all works out, this should make for a solid fun time at the movies this summer. Also below is a campus video welcoming prospective students to MC State. Keep an eye out for cameos from Hill and Tatum.

22 JUMP STREET opens on June 13th.

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