Lego Millennium Falcon officially the largest Lego set ever

Lego sets have brought billions hours and hours of joy, with minds young and old using the sharp little blocks to create countless worlds and structures. Thanks to a new STAR WARS Lego set, fans and block enthusiasts alike can now spend hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and possibly even weeks on what is now the largest Lego set ever.

Force Friday is now upon us, and with it, we are getting looks at tons of upcoming merchandise for the upcoming STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. One of these new toys is the new Lego Millennium Falcon, which in officially the largest set ever assembled. Take a look at it below:

Standing at 8 inches tall, 22 inches wide and 33 inches long, this Lego Falcon beats the previously largest Lego set – the Taj Mahal – by having 7,541 pieces, whereas the Mahal has 5,922 pieces. It also comes with several figurines, including Han, Leia, C-3PO and Chewie from EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and Han, Rey, Finn and BB-8 from FORCE AWAKENS. Available on October 1 the price is a whopping $799.99, making it a “this is all you’re getting this year” Christmas present.

I haven't bought a Lego set in some time, but holy mother of Joseph do I want to pawn my own siblings to get this mega brick Falcon. That is an insane amount of pieces and will bring Lego aficionados an endless amount of joy. Plus you have the STAR WARS fans out there who want to grab every piece of merch they can, and for them, this will a crowning jewel in their collection. 

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI arrives December 15. 

Source: USA Today



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