Let everyone know you purged with new TV spot for The Purge: Election Year

The marketing minds over at Universal Pictures have a wealth of prime opportunity in front of them the next few months as they ramp up promotion on THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR. With campaign ads plaguing the television airwaves wherever a caucus or primary is happening and with candidates and Super PACs ready to take things to another level once party nominations have been secured, subversion can be an asset in standing out among the rest of the noise while at the same time blending in as if you belong.

Universal rolled out this latest TV spot for THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR last night during CNN's GOP Debate, and you really have to give them credit where it's due. This is a brilliant piece of work that uses the political process to help sell this movie while remaining non-specific enough that it should intrigue potential audiences on all sides of the political spectrum.

Well played, Universal. That's three gold stars for you today.

The polls open for THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR on July 1.



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