Comic Con: Top 10 Coolest Booths

Comic Con is an exciting time for all of us here at JoBlo.com. It is a place where you can celebrate the bizarre and the fantastic. There is a real sense of vision and imagination running through the entire event. Whether it is the costumes or simply the amount of work put into the several booths that fill the San Diego Convention Center, it is always exciting to see what is new in this ever growing world.

The beauty of working for JoBlo.com and covering Comic Con is that we have a number of fine folks handling different aspects of this massive event. Generally I find myself waiting in press lines to talk to actors and directors – and even getting drunk at random parties throughout the four days of Con fever. Yet this year I spent some time searching for the best booths, the ones offering all sorts of artifacts for purchase or just viewing pleasure.

While my time was very limited, I came across a number of booths that caught my attention. And while the floor didn’t thrill me as much as I was hoping for, there was definitely some eye-catching goodness awaiting the mass of geeks looking to add various collectibles to their extensive collection.

Thus I bring you my top 10 booths at Comic Con! Some were massive while others simply just satisfying on a personal level. You may agree or disagree with these choices, so feel free to let us know below which booths were your favorites!

1. The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” booth at Comic Con continues to impress in all sorts of undead ways. The recreation of two of the iconic sets from Season 3 is an inspired way to be a part of the series. The replica of the watchtower as well as the Governor’s man cave was a great photo opportunity for zombie loving Con visitors of all ages.

2. Marvel

No matter what, I just cannot resist Marvel when it comes to what they present at Con. The set up was beyond impressive and the Mjolnir guarded by the Einherjar was pretty massive and definitely built my excitement level for the sequel. Is it just me or is THOR 2: THE DARK WORLD looking better and better?

3. Lionsgate/Summit

There is a ton of excitement surrounding Lionsgate and Summit this coming year. We are talking THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, I, FRANKENSTEIN, DIVERGENT, ENDER'S GAME and the new horror flick that is actually really, really f*cking scary, YOU’RE NEXT! With fan screenings of YOU’RE NEXT and ESCAPE PLAN - which had Stallone and Schwarzenegger in attendance - as well as CATCHING FIRE and FRANKENSTEIN autograph signings this was a place for fans to get up close and personal with folks like Aaron Eckhart and Jena Malone.

4. The Lego Movie

Call me crazy but THE LEGO MOVIE looks like the perfect family flick. Who hasn’t at one time enjoyed a little Lego fun? The great thing about this particular booth is that there was a massive amount of room for building stations where you could create something brilliant. Or if you are like me just four walls with a roof that won’t stay up – I was never very creative with these things.

5. Hasbro

It’s easy to still be a grown-up kid at heart when you have Hasbro. This year’s toy selection certainly didn’t disappoint with the introduction of the STAR WARS “Black Series” action figures. My favorite is most definitely the “6-inch Boba Fett Action Figure with Han Solo in Carbonite Accessory.” One of the coolest things at Con this year!

6. Sideshow Collectibles

One can never have too many cool toys from Comic Con and Sideshow Collectibles is always ahead of the game. With a slew of amazing items including the famous Han Solo in Carbonite display, these guys have become one of the most exciting players in this fantastic world of comics, culture and cinema.

7. DC Comics

For all you Superman fans out there – myself included – you could take a look back at the history of the faster than a speeding plane hero in costume form. This was a real treat for fans both young and old, as DC Comics celebrates Supes 75th birthday! If Henry Cavill is any indication of how well he has aged, the dude is doing alright for himself!

8. Predator 3D

Have you ever wanted to get your photo taken with one of the most iconic cinematic monsters ever? Well at the PREDATOR 3D booth you could do exactly that this year at Comic Con. Not only was this a fun photo op, but it also gave the fans a chance to pre-order a “Predator Head” Blu-ray set!

9. Dark Horse Comics

While movies and television have become a major part of Comic Con, you can never forget where it all started. It ain't called COMIC CON for nothing! The Dark Horse Comics booth always offers a number of signings and giveaways and it is safe to say these guys have something for everybody. From “Star Wars” to “Mass Effect” to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and so many more, Dark Horse should be on everybody’s shopping list.

10. Famous Monsters of Filmland

Sure the Famous Monsters of Filmland isn’t quite as dynamic as some of the other mentions on this list, but it sure as hell holds a special place in my horror loving heart. With t-shirts and other goodies, this is a great place for people who love scary. And the new genre inspired guitars may be pricey, yet they are fantastically badass nevertheless.

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