Fall 2017 TV Preview

Unfortunately, summer has ended, and along with it, summer blockbusters. No more regretting the movies I missed (War for the Planet of the Apes) or regretting the movies I saw (The Dark Tower). No more regrets! Hollywood has given us plenty to be excited about, and for free (Suck it, Regal). With more and more directors and producers leaving the film world to explore the freedom of television, we're in the midst of a new golden age of tv! As it gets colder and you find yourself spending more time inside, this list is going to come in handy. Check out our most anticipated TV shows for the Fall ’17 season (so don't get angry about Spring shows missing the cut e.g. Ash vs. Evil Dead, Legion etc.). Some of these are returning shows, some are brand new. Do you agree with us? Do you disagree? Whether it’s yay or nay, strikeback below!

The Walking Dead Season 8 (October 22)

The trailer for the eighth season of THE WALKING DEAD debuted at Comic Con last month, and fans delighted in 5 minutes of new footage that showed off blood, gore, and future Rick. There’s quite a bit that can be gleaned from the trailer, starting with almost 5 minutes of action. This is clearly going to be an action-packed season, and perhaps the most action we’ve seen on the show to date. We see a TREMENDOUS number of walkers, which has been my chief complaint about the series last season. I get the threat shifting to humans (the “real” danger) but the walkers role is season 7 was much more of an inconvenience than an obstacle. It’s good to see that will be changing. We see Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom working together, which means more shared screen time instead of everyone being scattered for another season. And then there’s Future Rick. How long is this time jump? Is it even a time jump or is it a dream? Fans of the comics will see the cane by ricks bed side, and believe this scene references one that takes place once the war with Negan ends. But Robert Kirkman addressed that directly, saying “Comic book fans know where a scene that looked like that would fall, but it also doesn’t seem like we would be getting to that just yet. Knowing that he’s teased storylines like this in the past (Why the hell does Rick still have an arm, Robert? The cut on his hand in season 6, the hatchet in season 7, WTF!!!!), I’m extremely curious about exactly what this will all lead up to. The eighth season of The Walking Dead premieres October 22nd on AMC.

Stranger Things Season 2 (October 27)

In its first 35 days of release, STRANGER THINGS became the 2nd most viewed original streaming show of 2016. Considering the show increased in popularity as the months rolled by, Netflix quickly became aware that they had something special on their hands. Call it what you will; a cult following; a pop culture phenomenon. Stranger Things exceeded all expectations upon its release, and the highly anticipated second season is finally on its way. Airing right before Halloween this year, the trailer revealed at Comic Con embraced it’s chilling influences, showing plenty of the upside down, a Ghostbusters trap that has something inside, the return of Eleven, a batshit crazy Will Byers and Sean Astin; all while Vincent Price and thriller are heard in the background. Talk of Stranger Things has been a year-round activity, going on during its debut in July last year, to its popularity during last Halloween season, to the teaser released during the Super Bowl and continuing to the trailer revealed at Comic Con. Luckily, the talk can end and the binging can begin on October 27th on Netflix.

Future Man (November 14)

Not much is known about future man at this point, but the Seth Rogen produced Hulu series is nonetheless still anticipated. A Janitor by day and a gamer by night, Josh Futterman (played by Josh Hutcherson) who travels through time after being recruited by mysterious visitors in order to prevent humanities extinction. Josh Hutcherson is a solid performer, and the teaser (if you wanna call it that) shown at Comic Con was enough to garner attention and an audience. Check out the Debut of Future Man, November 14th on Hulu.

Marvel’s Runaways (November 21)

Runaway’s is being developed for Hulu, so I’m not sure if a crossover with other MCU TV shows on Netflix or ABC are in the cards, unfortunately. But that’s not to say this series can’t stand on own. 6 teenagers, all from varying backgrounds must join to face their parents, who are all criminals working for the same supervillain organization: The Pride. Let’s see how well the Runaways fair, November 21st on Hulu.

The Gifted (October 2)

While FOX has certainly dropped the ball in terms of its Marvel properties (Fantastic Four? Fantastic 4 2?...Fantastic Four again?), it’s also had incredible success critically and financially with the likes of X-Men (especially X2 and Days of Future Past) and Deadpool. With their first foray into television being a critical success (Legion), they’ve decided to up the ante with THE GIFTED. Centering on two normal suburban parents, Reed and Caitlyn, THE GIFTED will focus on their lives being thrown into disarray when they discover that their children, Lauren and Andy, are actually Mutants. As they flee their hometown to hide their children from a government that is adamant to protect society from mutant kind, the only hope they’ll find will come from other mutants like Lauren and Andy, who are in hiding. The Gifted premieres October 2nd on FOX.

Supergirl Season 3 (October 9)

This is an exciting time for Supergirl fans. During its first season, questions of cancellation and renewal haunted the series and slowed its momentum. Luckily, it was picked up by The CW, who has shown incredible faith in the series as it was renewed for a third season while the second season was still on the air. Also, after a confusing absence in season 2, Calista Flockhart is officially re-joining the cast as a recurring guest star for season 3. Keeping that, and the promise of a big crossover event for the Arrow-verse this year, the third season of Supergirl is looking pretty promising. After finally ridding National City of the Daxamite Army, Supergirl and her team will face a new and terrifying threat, in Reign, a worldkiller and biological weapon created on Krypton. Be sure to check out the third season of Supergirl, October 9th on The CW.

The Flash Season 4 (October 10)

Upon viewing the finale of season 3, the average viewer is left wondering if Barry Allen would survive or not. To us more seasoned viewers (I’m counting all of you schmoes in that) the question was never whether he’d return. Of course he will, it’s his show, and we all knew there’d be a fourth season. The question was...how the hell will he come back now? After using his powers to travel back in time so he could save his mother’s life (way to be selfish Flash), Barry Allen created an alternate timeline, known as Flashpoint, and out of flashpoint came Savitar, the evil speed God. With the help of his friends at S.T.A.R. labs, Barry must now continue to protect Central City from the meta humans that threaten to destroy it. The Flash finally returns on October 10th on The CW.

Mr. Robot Season 3 (October 11)

Mr. Robot consistently pushes itself into uncharted territory, while continually delivering on the original storytelling and character development that made us fall in love with it from the start. The series does a pretty good job of keeping details under wraps, so I honestly wasn’t expecting much in the way of plot from the first trailer. What we do know about the third season, comes directly from creator Sam Esmail’s mouth, stating “Season 3 is about Elliott trying to bounce back and fight against the people who have been using him”. Get excited for one of the most critically acclaimed and engrossing shows on television, as season 3 premieres October 11th on USA.

Arrow Season 6 (October 12)

Arrow closed out an explosive season 5 with a literal explosion, and witnessed the end of quite a few conflicts, but somehow, we were left with more questions than before. Primarily, who the hell is still alive?? Very little about the new season has been revealed, but apparently, there will be entire episodes without any sort of flashbacks, which has become a hallmark for the series, Highlighting Oliver’s “5 years in hell”. With that storyline coming to a close at the conclusion of Season 5, what other need is there for flashback? Will there be flashbacks at all? What about Flashforwards? Flash-sideways? (I miss you, Lost) Arrow will be moving to a new night and time this season, now settling into Thursdays at 9pm (could that later hour mean a darker tone for the show?). Arrow returns (but his friends may not) October 12th on The CW.

Mindhunter (October 13)

Based on the 1994 book “Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit”, The series asks a question in its trailer that sets up its own driving force. “How do we get ahead of crazy if we don’t know how crazy thinks”. With Executive producers David Fincher and Charlize Theron, and Fincher serving as Director for the pilot episode as well, MINDHUNTER is set in 1979, and follows two FBI agents set in the Serial Crime unit as they attempt to understand Serial Killers on a deeper level. Mindhunter premieres October 13th on Netflix.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 (October 1)

By the time this premieres, it will have been more than 6 years since we’ve seen Larry David play a somewhat slightly fictionalized version of himself, yet I’m still hesitant to call it a revival. It feels like it was always coming soon to me. There’s really not much known about the new season other than returning stars like Jeff Garlin, Ted Danson, Cheryl Hines, J.B. Smoove, and Richard Lewis. Rest assured, it will have that charm, or complete lack thereof that Curb has always provided it viewers. Ah, I’m getting socially awkward and uncomfortable just reminiscing. What? No Good? Find out for yourself October 1st on HBO.

Marvel’s Inhumans (September 29th)

After a complete military coup, the Inhuman Royal Family must escape to Hawaii, where they must save themselves, and save the world… Remember when Inhumans was slated to be the 20th film in the MCU, and the final chapter in phase 3? Yeah, we’re supposed to forget about that, as Marvel Studios truly feels that these characters are better suited for Television. It’s already being called a “quadruple win”, as it’s considered a win for Marvel, a win for IMAX, a win for ABC studios AND a win for ABC marketing for launching a show in a new and innovative way…and it’s not even out yet! What could stop this momentum? How about Scott Buck, the showrunner for Inhumans? Don’t recognize the name? He was also the showrunner for Iron Fist. So…yeah…I’m just gonna leave you with that. Let’s see how things turn out on IMAX in theaters September 1st, or watch the two-hour premiere September 29th on ABC.

Gotham Season 4 (September 28)

As a prequel series for the Batman universe, Gotham has been very difficult to grade. It’s easily the most hit or miss show on television right now. Every season I find myself getting my hopes up that Gotham will finally lose lackluster storylines to focus on the one’s that fans want to see. But rather than step up its game, the 4th season of Gotham seems to be trying to speed up its game, introducing Ra’s Al Ghul, teasing Bruce as a night vigilante, a regular character being outed as Solomon Grundy, and a proper introduction for the Scarecrow. With everyone in Gotham’s seedy underworld continuing to Jockey for power, Jim Gordon and the GCPD will have their hands full this season. Be sure to catch the season premiere, September 28th on Fox.

The Orville (September 28th…or September 10th)

If Star Trek is making a big return to TV this year, then it’s somewhat poetic that a star trek parody makes its debut in the same season, am I right? Attempting to fill the slot of the rumored “Galaxy Quest” TV series from 2015, THE ORVILLE will focus on the adventures of a mid-level exploratory spaceship. Seth MacFarland (also the show’s creator) will star as Ed Mercer, a Planetary Union Officer who finally gets the opportunity to command his own vessel, only to discover he’ll be sharing his duties and the ship with his ex-wife, who he just divorced. The crew will face the wonders and the dangers of Outer space, while simultaneously facing the often-hilarious problems of people in a regular workplace. Be sure to check it out September 28th on FOX. If you can’t wait that long, a sneak peek of the first episode will air on September 10th, after NFL on FOX.

Star Trek Discovery (September 22)

It’s kind of hard to believe the last Star Trek TV series ended in 2005. Die-hard fans have been waiting for a return for 12 years, but even more fans were onboard after DISCOVERY was announced 2 years ago. It has undergone a lot of changes in those 2 years, with some behind the scenes drama, questions about exactly where it would air (CBS? All Access? Netflix?), and the loss of its original showrunner (Bryan Fuller). With all that drama aside, we’re finally getting what we’ve been clamoring for. Set about 10 years before the original Star Trek series, STAR TREK DISCOVERY will see the Klingon T’Kuvma attempt to unite all the great Klingon houses, which would lead to a cold war between his race and the United Federation of Planets, especially the USS Discovery. Star Trek Discovery premieres September 27th on CBS.

Vice Principals Season 2 (September 17)

“Who Shot Gamby?” If it sounds like Dallas, (or the Simpsons, which parodied who shot JR brilliantly) that’s not an accident. Vice Principals looks to answer that question in hilarious fashion in its sophomore season. The reviews for season 1 were only slightly better than average, with most critics feeling like the story was good, but not great. However, the major strength of Vice Principals isn’t really the storytelling, but the performances from Danny McBride and Walter Goggins, who shine in each episode. If you enjoy Danny McBride’s weird and uncomfortable brand of comedy, there’s no reason to be missing this. In season 2, Gamby (McBride) returns (way too soon after a gunshot wound) to investigate who shot him in the season 1 finale. Luckily for the audience, he suspects everyone. Vice Principals Season 2 premieres September 17th on HBO.

The Deuce (September 10)

Hailing from Baltimore, I must admit, anything David Simon creates holds a special place in my heart by default. But given that the trailers for this show are among the most viewed on our TV channel (with the first trailer being our most viewed trailer ever!), we’re inclined to assume you guys are pretty interested in this show as well. With James Franco pulling double duty playing Twins Frankie and Vincent Martino (Fargo did it first) and Maggie Gyllenhaal playing a sex worker named Candy, The story for THE DEUCE centers around the rise of the newly legal and emerging porn industry in the 70’s, and the subsequent rise of HIV, violence and drug epidemic in Times Square. Why include the drug epidemic you ask? Because David Simon. The Deuce premieres September 10th on HBO.

American Horror Story: Cult (September 5)

Another year, another AHS. Even though he’s no longer writing for the series, Ryan Murphy still heads up this series as executive producer…You’d think he would hand this over by now, with the success of American Crime Story and Feud. His schedule must be chaotic, but the dude abides, and this fall he’s bringing us the 7th chapter in his critically acclaimed series. There’s not much in the way of plot just yet. What we do know, is that Murphy plans on this season somehow tackling the 2016 presidential election, with the premiere episode taking place during the election somewhere in Michigan. If that doesn’t work for you, then the cast should get you excited, with Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters returning, alongside series newcomers Billy Eichner, Billie Lourd and Lena Dunham. Be thoroughly creeped out October 1st on FX.

The Tick (August 25)

The third embodiment of this superhero for television, THE TICK is the brainchild of Ben Edlund, who has had a hand in every incarnation of the character. The series will once again focus on a dimwitted hero named The Tick, his accountant sidekick named Arthur, and their fight against the supervillains who attempt to take control of their city. A lot of us grew up loving the animated Tick series on Fox. With the tsunami of revivals happening on television today, The Tick is one I truly hope survives. Now let’s tune in and see if it deserves to. The Tick debuts August 25th on Amazon.

Marvel’s The Defenders (August 18)

I’d like to say we’ve been waiting for this series for a long time, but it’s only been 2 years since the first season of Daredevil. Isn’t it crazy how much has happened since then? All the connections, stingers and tie ins have led to this! Marvel will team up Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist to face off against Sigourney Weaver’s mysterious “Alexandra”. Now we can finally watch what we’ve been waiting for without watching the trailer on a loop (I’ve been hearing Nirvana’s “Come as you are” in my nightmares). The only major bummer about this series is it’s eight episode count (a Marvel series on Netflix is generally 13 episodes). Here’s to hoping the story feels complete and not rushed after eight episodes. Stream all episodes of Marvel’s The Defenders August 18th on Netflix.

Marvel’s The Punisher (TBA Fall 2017)

The best part of Daredevil season 2 was undoubtedly Jon Bernthal's portrayal of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. Marvel listened to fans, and gave them exactly what they wanted as the anti-hero gets his own show this fall. With the second season of daredevil exploring the origins of Punisher, we can expect the series to focus on Frank Castle’s transition and eventual complete embodiment of the character they’ve come to know and love from the comics. That means more blood, murder and overall brutality than Kevin Feige is comfortable with. There isn’t a release date for The Punisher yet, but it’s rumored to arrive this fall on Netflix.

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