Top 10 Coolest eBay Auctions

You got any of that Christmas money left over? You wanna spend it on something other than booze and porn? You've come to the right place, as long as you stay away from my gigantic booze and porn collections. I've scoured thousands of pages over at eBay for you and found the coolest movie related auctions on the planet. Just to be clear here, these are live auctions - some might be over by the time you read this so the links might be dead. If you're too late for these particular items just browse the site a bit, there's always something similar for sale.

1. Life Size Wax Figure of Anybody

All these other prop replicas and life size statues are nice but they don't compare to the possibilities of this item. A full size wax figure of anyone you want. Yes, it could be yourself you selfish bastard. Otherwise, think of the shit you could do with this; Spider-Man swinging from your ceiling, Indiana Jones whipping your ass as you get out of the shower, Homer Simpson sitting in your theatre room. Anything is possible, some guy's got Jabba chilling in his garden for God's sake. Who the f*ck doesn't want that? I've already started saving for my topless Phoebe Cates figure which I'll put next to my pool and visible from the bathroom window, of course. Current Price: $13,000 Ends: Jan 13-07

2. Freddy

What better way to keep yourself in a constant state of fear? Prop this life size Freddy Kruger replica in your home and watch as your sanity and ability to sleep peacefully disappear within days. This 6 foot tall piece of evil comes fully equipped to scare away burglars and emotionally scar house guests all the same. Current Price: $1,800.00 Ends: Jan13-07

3. Leia Costume

Every male STAR WARS fan alive deserves to have their wife / girlfriend / hooker wear this to bed at least once in their lives. Taken straight from the moment a generation of fan-boys grew up, stopped watching Luke, and strained to see just a little bit more side-boob from Leia in RETURN OF THE JEDI. The outfit even comes with a slave collar. Somebody's been reading my diary. Current Price: $375.00 Ends: Jan 16-07

4. Hardcore Tees

My favourite eBay store has a t-shirt for everybody. Browse through their awesome selection of everything from FIGHT CLUB to RE-ANIMATOR to SLC PUNK to DONNIE DARKO and tons of others. Just stay away from the BATTLE ROYALE and LEON ones I have my eye on. Current Price: $13.99-$17.99 Ends: Ongoing

5. Burnt Zombie

They don't actually say what movie this is a prop from but does it really matter? It's your very own burnt zombie to play with whenever you're feeling lonely. Sit on his lap and tell him about your day, comb his hair and gossip about the boys, kidnap your neighbours and feed little pieces of them to him, whatever you desire. Just make sure you pay off the local authorities first. Current Price: $99.99 Ends: Jan 16-07

6. RoboHead

Imagine sitting with this thing in your lap on the bus or whipping it out at your next staff meeting. You really need to click the images above and check out the detail on this bitch. Glass eyes, silicone skin, and aluminium cranium. The greatest paper weight you'll ever own. Current Price: $1,299.00 Ends: Jan 08-07

7. Rocky Sculpture

Here's where we take a little jump in price. If you look around on the site you'll se that there a couple variations of this bad boy. This is the cream of the crop though, 20 inches of bronzed Italian Stallion perched on a marble base that screams inspiration at you every time you walk by (note: sculpture does not actually scream). Throw in the DVD and the poster and you're working a lot of overtime. Current Price: $2,499.00 Ends: Jan 13-07

8. Leg Lamp

Do not confuse this work of art with those crappy toys that were mass produced a couple years ago. This sumbitch is made with love. At 45 inches tall you'll be able to admire the fishnet from the street. Comes delivered in a special "Fragile" box and includes a "Major Award" certificate for the owner. All this detail can make A CHRISTMAS STORY fans lose their minds. Gets your bids in, these things are popular and don't worry if this auction ends before you get to it, they seem to pop up all the time. Current Price: $41.01 Ends: Jan 09-07

9. Bad Mother F*cker Wallet

Let's face it, you'll never be as bad a mother f*cker as Jules Winnfield, but it's a start. There's a shit-load of these things on the market but these seem to look the best and they come with a cheesy business card for Jules that has the entire Ezekiel 25:17 speech in case you feel an ass whoopin' coming on. Current Price: $31.00 Ends: Jan 12-07

10. Moose Mugs

This might sound sad but drinking my rum and eggnog from these bad boys while watching NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION might be one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. Especially after I puke on myself. These hand-made replica glasses are identical to the ones used by Clark (Chevy Chase) and Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) while discussing Snot, the dog's, humping habits. Current Price: $99.00 Ends: Jan 11-07

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