Top 10 Favorite Spoof Movies

DATE MOVIE, EPIC MOVIE, SUPERHERO MOVIE, DISASTER MOVIE. Aren't they all just so original lately? Exactly when did it become cool to tear ideas straight out of MAD Magazine and try to make a movie out of them? It must be nice when your career revolves around the success of other films and your ability to rewrite their scripts with as many farts, midgets, boobs, and time sensitive pop culture references as humanly possible. Once in a while though, these films really hit home with me and I find myself drunk and hysterical as I roll around on the ground laughing at the midget with the big boobs that just farted his way through an American Idol performance. Most times I just cry.

1. AIRPLANE! (1980)

This film will forever be in my top three comedies. There isn't a wasted scene to be found. Most of the time the two or three things happening in the background are funnier than anything involved with MEET THE SPARTANS. A lot of people probably expected to see THIS IS SPINAL TAP here so just to set the record straight I don't consider TAP a spoof at all. It's a mockumentary just like A MIGHTY WIND, BEST IN SHOW, or the great FUBAR. But that's just my humble opinion and don't call me Shirley.

2. THE NAKED GUN (1988)

I don't think I've ever laughed this hard and this long in a movie theater before or since. Leslie Nielsen cements his spot among Canadian comedy legends with his portrayal of the great Frank Drebin. I seriously feel sorry for people that can't laugh at a film like this. It's not trying to be too smart, in fact, it's trying to be as stupid as possible. A feat too many of these type of movies achieve while forgetting to add humor. Nice Beaver.


If you've ever read any of my shit in the past you'll know two things about me - 1) My picks for these lists are always wrong, and 2) I think farts are funny. That said, this will always be my favorite Mel Brooks film due to it's risky comedic look at race, Mongo punching the horse in the face, those boobs above, and probably the greatest fart scene ever created. RIP Harvey.

4. SCARY MOVIE (2000)

I wrote this film off the first couple years it existed as another DON'T BE A MENACE TO SOUTH CENTRAL WHILE DRINKING YOUR JUICE IN THE HOOD type bullshit and avoided it at all costs. The day I rented it I watched it four times. Nobody is funnier than Cheri Oteri in this film. Her scenes with Doofy are almost unbearable for me anymore. While the sequels all have their moments they don't even come close to this.


One of those films you never really admit you love and yet you'll watch it every time it's on TV, you know half the script by heart, and probably own all three. Watching the MTV Movie Awards on the weekend reminded me of how funny Mike Myers can be while playing incredibly stupid characters. It's still not going to get me to see THE LOVE GURU though.


I'm pretty sure I saw this before I ever saw the original FRANKENSTEIN. So when the dance number was omitted for a scene where he actually kills a little girl, I discovered nervous laughter. It's sad that the subtle comedic talents of Gene Wilder aren't celebrated more in today's Hollywood. His performance in this movie is better than anything you're ever going to see by the combined careers of modern funny men such as Dane Cook, Jimmy Fallon, anybody involved with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, half of Judd Apatow's posse, and all of Adam Sandler's friends.


This is one of those movies I watched every day when I was kid. Right between THE EVIL DEAD and RE-ANIMATOR. Some of the reasons I kept coming back - the old lady's stunt double with the mustache, Jim Brown's bunions, "How much for one rib?", Kung Fu Joe, Flyguy's aquarium shoes, and the comedic genius of Damon Wayans and Kadeem Hardison. Yup, I said genius. I thought all blacksplotation was like this so I went and rented THE MACK, SHAFT, and SUPER FLY one weekend. It was the same weekend I became a man.

8. HOT SHOTS (1991)

Any movie that has a cameo by Bill Laimbeer is quality in my book. The guy was a better actor than half the cast. Sheen is pretty good too but the absolute highlight of this film is the portrayal of Adm. Tug Benson by Lloyd Bridges. Every single line of dialogue he has is pure gold.

9. TOP SECRET (1984)

The Zucker Brothers second movie didn't have the same impact on me their first did (more on that later) but it still knows how to get me to giggle. Underwater bar fights will do that. Some might find it pointless to spoof Elvis Presley movies seeing that they seemed to do a good job all their own. I'm not sure Val Kilmer has ever been better

10. SPACEBALLS (1987)

To be honest, I was kind of disappointed with the way this film holds up when I rushed out to get the new collectors edition DVD a few years ago. Dark Helmut (Rick Moranis) is still awesome but everything else seems to fall flat on it's face. The Shwartz? Meh. Barf? Mildly amusing. Joan Rivers? Please die. Much like most of the things from my childhood, however, I refuse to let go. My poster of Fonzie says so.

Honourable Mention: STUDENT BODIES (1981)

I've talked way too much about the dog farting scene on this site so I'll have to prop something else. Films that keep actual running body counts on the bottom of the screen always deserve some love, Malvert seems too creepy to be real, the kid with gum is awesome, and who hasn't tried making horse-head bookends in shop class? The best part about including this on the list is that I get to tell you that it's finally out on R1 DVD.

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