Top 10 Female Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies

WONDER WOMAN opens today and brings to the big screen the first film led by a female superhero. It may seem like a non-issue for some of you, but having a comic book movie with a woman as the main character is a massive victory for little girls around the globe who now have a positive role model to look up to. This should pave the way for many more female-led superhero movies. With that in mind, here is our ranking of the ten superheroes who deserve their own solo films. Keep in mind any films currently in development are not part of this list. If you disagree or think we missed a hero, let us know in the talk backs below.


It took two solo films before they finally got Bruce Banner/Hulk right, so now is the time to do the same for She-Hulk. Another case of a strong female character who deserves the big screen treatment, she could easily hold her own with any of the Avengers and even the big green guy himself. She-Hulk also has the added bonus of being able to communicate while hulked out, so that adds an additional benefit for seeing whoever is cast in the role through the CGI enhancement.


Forget the piece of shit Halle Berry movie. Catwoman is a damn cool character with multiple layers and an ambiguous nature. There are so many permutations of her personality that you could pick virtually any of them and it would be worthy of two hours of screen time. Personally, I like the more noir-ish cat burglar version pictured above.


One of my favorite X-Men characters, she was all but wasted in the film franchise. Anna Paquin was given barely anything worthwhile to do and then was completely excised from DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. While she is a great supporting player in the animated series, there is more than enough to let Rogue stand on her own, something I do not feel Storm or Jean Grey could do.


The CW series of the same name has been doing very well in taking this character more seriously than the maligned 1980s film, but there is definitely room on the big screen for Superman's cousin. The story is essentially the same as that of Superman, but there are some good stories brewing that have this petite woman kicking every man's ass like her little cousin. I would love to see those two team up someday as well.


Forgive the character name, but as fans know, Batwoman is a totally different character. Barbara Gordon's journey to superhero and eventually into the character known as Oracle is the stuff lesser movies dream about. She could easily be introduced in a future Batman film and then get her own solo outing. The short-lived Birds of Prey television series shows just how well this character can hold her own.

Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson is already synonymous with the character of Natasha Romanov but her solo film has yet to develop. Following her early years as she became the famed Black Widow could be cool, but I would also be very intrigued to see a film more along the lines of THE WINTER SOLDIER which takes a darker and grittier look at the MCU. Throw Hawkeye in there, for good measure.


A relatively lesser known character from DC Comics, Raven has become more popular thanks to her inclusion in the various Teen Titans cartoon series. Raven shares parallels with characters like Doctor Strange in that she has supernatural powers that blur the line between goodness and darkness. Raven could be a contender for a solo film that would fly under the radar and really have the potential to be awesome.

Jesse Quick

Featured heavily on the last two seasons of The CW series version of The Flash, Jesse Quick is basically a female speedster. While we have yet to see just how The Flash will work on the big screen, a female speedster is a cool enough concept to warrant her own spin-off film. Maybe start as a team-up and then branch out to a solo adventure?

Red Sonja

There was film version of RED SONJA as a spin-off of CONAN but it never did the character justice. In recent years, the property was a potential film from Robert Rodriguez and starring Rose McGowan, but that never came to be. Essentially a female Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja could be the kickass warrior princess that fans never knew they wanted.


In her prior incarnation, Vampirella was a sexy pin-up wearing a body thong that covered, well, nothing. Not exactly the most empowering female character, Vampirella was rebooted in recent years. While still an alien vampire, she now looks a little more acceptable for the masses. As a film, Vampirella could be a cool hero as long as the film doesn't get as schlocky as the UNDERWORLD franchise.

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