Top 10 Reboots We Really Want To See

Reboot has become a bad word to many. With a glut of lackluster recreations and reinventions of tired movie properties, fans have stopped caring about the same old stuff showing up on screen time and again. But, while some properties should stop getting remade, there are some films that deserve a fresh perspective. Here is our pick of the ten films that we really want to see get rebooted with new filmmakers and talent. If you disagree or think we missed a potential reboot worth seeing, let us know in the comments below.


There are good qualities in both David Lynch's 1984 film as well as the SyFy channel miniseries that more faithfully adapted Frank Herbert's novel cycle. But, a true adaptation of DUNE is still waiting to be made. I would say a Game of Thrones style HBO series is the best medium to adapt DUNE the right way, but if handled well, it could also be a worthy successor on the big screen to both THE LORD OF THE RINGS and maybe even STAR WARS. Remember, the Spice is life!


There is a way that you could make a fourth entry in THE MATRIX saga and I am all for seeing the Wachowskis return to the world they helped create almost twenty years ago. But, like any good computer hardware, if there is a problem you start by rebooting the system. There is a way to retcon a reboot into the mythology that exists within the original trilogy and it could allow for all of the characters to reprise their roles while introducing a new generation to continue the tale.


Is it really this hard to make a good FANTASTIC FOUR movie? I enjoyed the first two films and even liked aspects of the Josh Trank reboot, but there really needs to be someone that will do for the First Family of Marvel what Sony was able to accomplish in partnering with Marvel Studios on SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. Whether they get included in the MCU or not (they really should), making a really good FANTASTIC FOUR is one of the few slam dunks in comic books.


There has been a reboot of HIGHLANDER in development for several years now with everyone from Ryan Reynolds, Javier Bardem and Dave Bautista involved or rumored for roles. But, despite a cult following for the franchise, there really has only been one decent film and that was the original HIGHLANDER. I will believe it when I see it, but a reboot taking the mythology all the way back to the beginning is the only way to make a new addition to the story work.


Movies like this year's POWER RANGERS and SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING have tried to follow the formula perfected by John Hughes' THE BREAKFAST CLUB, but they have not come close to hitting the same balance that this 1985 classic has maintained for thirty years. But, there is definitely a chance for a creative filmmaker to make a movie as realistic and affecting as THE BREAKFAST CLUB for a new generation of teens. Maybe casting the original students as the parents could be a way in?


In the annals of video game history, the first two titles that come to mind when you think of fighting games are Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Both failed to live up to big screen expectations, but 1994's STREET FIGHTER was an utter disgrace. There have been no worthwhile attempts to bring it back as a feature film, but there is a wasted opportunity waiting for someone to give it the right treatment. Maybe this time someone will put Ken and Ryu at the forefront and take the plot seriously rather than turn it into a schlocky B-movie.


Rumors have recently starting buzzing about a third entry in Joe Dante's duology about the Mogwais and their nasty alter egos, but I would never thing seeing a third film would become a reality. Instead, GREMLINS is better off being remade from scratch. Keep it in the same universe if you want to retain some sort of continuity, but upgraded special effects and a great screenplay could outshine the glaring issues the original films suffer from in retrospect.


Face it: there will never be a BACK TO THE FUTURE PART IV. There are countless reasons why aside from the decades that have passed since Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were able to carry a film on their own. But, maybe allowing a new Marty and Doc to appear on the big screen could give fans the chance to revisit pasts and futures they never got to see in the original trilogy.


Ever since Disney regained the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise, we have heard the news that Harrison Ford would reprise his iconic character for a fifth feature film. There have also been rumors of someone like Chris Pratt donning the fedora in a reboot. As much as I love Harrison Ford as Doctor Jones, I think in the right hands that a reboot is the better direction to give us the further adventures of the archeologist. Rather than just recast the role, James Bond-style, starting all over with a distinct take would definitely allow more room to not step on the heels of the original saga.


For a while, Tim Burton was attempting to get an animated reboot of THE ADDAMS FAMILY off the ground but to no avail. The classic sitcom and comic strip provided fodder for the 1991 Barry Sonnenfeld comedy and a sequel, but there is still plenty to mine in the concept of a horrifying family of monstrous characters in a new film. Maybe Christina Ricci could play Morticia?

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