Logan & X-23 go claws to the wall in new IMAX poster

Happy Valentine’s Day, all. Hope you got that special someone that thing they wanted, like, I don’t know, roller blades. I don’t know what people get each other. Anyway, for those without anyone to celebrate with I’m here to give you a gift so you don’t feel so lonely, and it features all your pals from the upcoming film, LOGAN. The present is in the form of an IMAX poster which I am of course re-gifting from original gifter, James Mangold, who posted it on his Twitter earlier today. And you think no one out there loves you, huh?

Having a real 70’s-80’s vibe to it, this poster is one in a line of other great IMAX posters that I think are actually better than the main posters. The whole gang is here in some neat superhero poses, and though it easily could've had a cliche, Photoshopped look it still gets the grounded, western feeling across. Plus, Logan (Hugh Jackman) and X-23 (Dafne Keen) just look too badass together, but then I see a mulling Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and then I get sad again. I'm expecting to feel a lot in this movie, and we can now add greed to the list because I want one of these posters...now!

LOGAN arrives March 3.

Source: Twitter



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