Max Landis has problems with Power Rangers trailer because of course he does

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The first trailer for POWER RANGERS premiered this past weekend and was met with a healthy amount of positive response, and for good reason! The movie looks grounded and appears to have the budget that the original TV show could only dream of. I'd say it was unanimous that we were all looking forward to this flick, but there is one person out there who has a gripe: Max Landis.

I know, huge surprise, right? However, it looks like the writer of CHRONICLE might actually have somewhat of a personal stake in this. Check out the following Tweets in regards to the new trailer:

So did Lionsgate tap Max Landis to write POWER RANGERS, in hopes that he would deliver something similar to CHRONICLE? Possibly, but you can hardly blame Lionsgate for wanting to take a more grounded approach to their story. While I did appreciate CHRONICLE, it's not the first film to take the same approach and it certainly won't be the last. Now where's my copy of AMERICAN ULTRA/MR. RIGHT/VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN? Oh, it appears I don't own any of those...

POWER RANGERS will open in theaters on March 24, 2017.

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