Mel Gibson tries to make the past right in trailer for Blood Father

mel gibson, blood father

I miss Mel Gibson in my movies.

I really do. 

And I'm not making any excuses for his personal behavior or any of the incidents he's created for himself over the years. None of that is good by any stretch. But in separating that guy from the performer, I miss what Gibson can bring to the table in a film that knows how to play to his strengths. 

BLOOD FATHER feels like that type of movie. 

Playing a father who is trying to do right by his daughter, who is in a world of deep trouble, Gibson has the intensity and the fortitude to be the kind of guy you wouldn't want to go out of your way to piss off. He's perfectly fine if you're on his good side or if you leave him alone, but when threats have been laid down, it's gonna be on with this dude. There are shades of RANSOM and PAYBACK here, and it looks like this could be a path back for Gibson if he wants to take it. BLOOD FATHER is his first starring role in four years (2012's GET THE GRINGO). Perhaps this will lead to more.

BLOOD FATHER is set for release on August 26.



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