Michael Fassbender confirms Prometheus 2 is happening but doesn't know when

Just a couple of months ago, sources claimed that the untitled Ridley Scott film slated for 2016 would in fact be a sequel to PROMETHEUS. While we have yet to hear anything confirmed, Scott does have several films in development which includes a follow-up to the divisive 2012 sidequel to ALIEN. While we know a screenplay was written by Scott and Jack Paglen (TRANSCENDENCE) and later revised by Michael Green (GREEN LANTERN), we have yet to hear any confirmation that the movie was actually coming.

In an interview with Collider, PROMETHEUS star Michael Fassbender was asked about the potential for the sequel. Sitting alongside X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST co-star James McAvoy, Fassbender confirmed that PROMETHEUS 2 was coming, he just doesn't know when.

It would seem to me that if that 2016 date really was PROMETHEUS 2 that Fassbender would be aware of it. Rumors have placed filming for the sequel as beginning right after Ridley Scott wraps on EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS which would put it later this year. Otherwise, if Scott plans to jump into another film first, we likely wouldn't see PROMETHEUS 2 until after 2016. All I know is I hope the rumors of multiple David androids in the screenplay make it to the final cut of the film as there is never enough Michael Fassbender on the big screen. Well, unless you count SHAME in which case there was a little too much Fassbender.

PROMETHEUS 2 may or may not hit theaters on March 4, 2016.

Source: Collider



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