Update: Michelle Yeoh is the first to join the cast of Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Michelle Yeoh

Update: Deadline, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have each confirmed that Michelle Yeoh will indeed to joining the cast of Star Trek: Discovery, but that she will not be playing the lead role, which Variety claims still hasn't been cast as they're apparently still looking for the right actress. Deadline reports that Yeoh will be playing a Starfleet officer by the name of Han Bo who captains a ship called the Shenzhou. Captain Han Bo will be a recurring character but Deadline adds that the Shenzhou will be playing a large role in the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. CBS declined to comment on the casting, but I'd imagine that they will make it official soon enough.


It's been a tough road for Star Trek: Discovery these past few months, the series premiere was delayed and Bryan Fuller stepped back from his showrunner duties after CBS began to grow "increasingly concerned that he had too much on his plate." As production is expected to kick off in Toronto very soon, it's a little strange that we haven't heard much of anything about which actors will be taking part in Star Trek: Discovery, until now.

Nicholas Meyer, director of both STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN and STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, is involved with Star Trek: Discovery as both writer and consulting producer and recently revealed to ComingSoon that Michelle Yeoh (CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON) would have a role in the series. This hasn't been officially confirmed just yet and Meyer didn't elaborate on which role Yeoh would be playing, but CS believes that she will be taking on the role of Discovery's lead, a Lieutenant Commander who serves as first officer on the USS Discovery. Bryan Fuller has teased several roles in the past which would also be a good fit for Michelle Yeoh, including a female Admiral. Keep in mind that Yeoh's casting is still unconfirmed, but if true, her involvement can only mean good things for the upcoming series. Star Trek: Discovery takes place ten years before Kirk, bridging the gap between Enterprise and the original series, and will premiere on CBS All Access in May 2017.

How do you feel about the possibility of Michelle Yeoh boarding Star Trek: Discovery?

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