Neill Blomkamp on altering his Alien story because of Prometheus 2 and more


This probably says more about PROMETHEUS 2 than Neill Blomkamp's Alien film, but is interesting none-the-less. Last we heard regarding both films is that Blomkamp's Alien story would take place AFTER the events of PROMETHEUS 2. Interesting news considering that PROMETHEUS is a prequel to ALIEN, and Blomkamp's flick seems to at least take place after ALIENS. Furthermore, it looks like the story for PROMETHEUS 2 might be a little further along than we thought, as Scott requested that Blomkamp make an alteration to his movie as to not interfere with Ridley's sequel. You can check out what Blomkamp had to say on that matter as well as a few other juicy tidbits below!

Neill Blomkamp on why he released the concept art before he knew he was doing the movie:

I didn't even think I was going to make any film, let alone a large studio film, but I was like - it came from a place of love, it came from a place of me being a fan and I was like, if I'm a fan then other fan's should see the stuff. At least here's one person's take on it.

Terri Tatchell (Blomkamp's wife and writing partner) on what she told Neill in order to convince him to do the Alien movie:

'Look at what you make me drink my orange juice out of every morning.' And I pulled out of the cupboard - we have these set of glasses that have these brutal scenes from the [ALIEN] movies. 'You make your daughter drink out of these cups! This is a sign!'

Changing his story because of PROMETHEUS 2:

I changed the one thing [Scott] felt was bumping Prometheus a little bit. One thing that makes me feel good about it is that Ridley is producing it. He likes the idea of what I want to make.

Blomkamp on the title for his Alien film:

I sent what I wanted as the title to Ridley [Scott]. It's kinda quite bold, and he was like, 'I really like that. I'm going to test it, although I don't think it's gonna work. ' So I have my own idea, but it also sort of gives away too much if I say the title. But in the event that it doesn't work, I'm kinda like dead in the water.

We had assumed that PROMETHEUS 2 would depart more from the ALIEN franchise, but perhaps there is still a common thread? I'd be very interested in hearing what had to be changed but from the sound of it, it's nothing game changing. That aside, I'm very happy to hear that Twentieth Century Fox, Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver are all supporting this endeavor. Something tells me this is really going to bode well for Alien fans, so a big thanks to Blomkamp's wife in advance!


Source: Empire



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