Netflix's American Vandal has been renewed for a second season!

Not going to lie, but I wrote off AMERICAN VANDAL when I first heard it announced. An entire series centered around a dick joke? I didn't think the premise would last a five-minute Funny or Die sketch, let alone an entire series on Netflix. How could you stretch the story to fit the length needed? Pardon the puns.

However, after watching the first episode out of curiosity - and getting repped by people I trusted - I was immediately hooked. Thing is, not only is the central mystery well executed (you are wondering if he did it or not, and the stakes are high enough that you're invested in the outcome), but it's also just great satire. Not only does it mimic the filmmaking techniques employed by shows like MAKING A MURDERER, but it also comments on those show's popularity, and the way they sway public opinion (in fact, it's actually a pretty big plot point). The show even gets serious and acknowledges how the documentary affects other people's lives only ancillary to the actual crime.

Now, unfortunately, the video announcement is the only information we have about the new season. While it seems obvious it's going to be a new crime, I couldn't place if that was Peter Maldonado's voice narrating the teaser (possibly something that happened during college?) or not. Either way, as long as they keep the same look and feel, I'm down for more AMERICAN VANDAL.

Meanwhile, AMERICAN VANDAL season 2 will begin streaming on Netflix 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Who do YOU think spray painted the penises? Sound off your favorite theories below!
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