Netflix's American Vandal trailer asks the important questions

True crime stories are all the rage now. HOW TO MAKE A MURDERER, SERIAL, OJ: MADE IN AMERICA - just to name a few. What makes them fascinating is not only the crime itself, but how circumstances, biases, and often corrupt systems that railroad victims and force convictions based on biases rather than facts. And these new true crime stories, especially documentaries like the aforementioned HOW TO MAKE A MURDERER, really lets us confront that awful truth up-close and personal.

Same is true of AMERICAN VANDAL, which asks important questions, like "who really drew those dicks, bro?"

That's the premise of this honestly pretty funny looking and spot-on parody of the recent cavalcade of true-crime documentaries. It definitely has the look and cadence down pat for sure. Let's just hope they can stretch this premise to full-length (since it's pretty funny on its own as a trailer parody, and could potentially collapse under its own weight from the admittedly flimsy premise). Anyway, you can see for yourself in the trailer below:

Meanwhile, AMERICAN VANDAL will begin streaming on Netflix September 15th.

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Source: YouTube



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