New Mutants officially begins pre-production

With Hugh Jackman gone, Deadpool taking off and the rebooted X-MEN series doing god-knows-what, the overall X-Men series is going a bunch of different directions. But in all this we will be getting some new stories in this universe and one of which – NEW MUTANTS – is making its way to us. Director Josh Boone took to Instagram recently to tease the pre-production of the upcoming movie in the best way – with cake. When was the last time you announced something with cake?


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Boone was hired to direct the movie about two years ago, and since then names like Maisie Williams have been attached and it was reported that James McAvoy would be in the film as Professor X. We heard production could begin as early as spring as this year for a spring of 2018 release, so everything is looking on track. And if I know one thing, it's tracks.

I’m not terribly familiar with the new mutants, but I’m glad after 16 years of X-MEN movie’s we’re finally starting to see some new characters and storylines being put front and center. As much as I loved Jackman’s Wolverine I don’t how many more times I could watch him save the day, let alone watch Halle Berry’s eye’s go white.

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