New promo for AMC's The Walking Dead season 3; series set for a fourth season

AMC's The Walking Dead has been a cultural phenomenon.  Granted, zombies have always been a popular genre, but it really feels at its peak now. Certainly, it owes some thanks to masters like George Romero, but it's really come into its own and I think season 3 has been its strongest yet.  Today, we have a new promo for the second half of the third season, which picks up directly where we left off with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his prison crew fighting for their lives against The Governor (David Morrissey).  Things are heatin' up!

Take a look:

Readers of the comic have been on an extra set of pins and needles this season, due largely to the epic confrontations and brutal losses that transpire in the pages of the comic, leaving many wondering just how far the show would go in depicting the source material.  As one of those readers, I think they've taken it pretty damn far and I've been pleasantly surprised.  Although there are some major deviations, I have settled into the two different universes and appreciate them in their respective mediums.  There's enough new material and homage to make me a happy camper and season 3 has been solid thus far.  I expect it will stay that way.

AMC recently announced that the show was greenlit for a fourth season (duh) and that the current showrunner Glen Mazzara would be leaving at the end of the current one.  It's the second showrunner to exit the show and one has to wonder just want the diconnect is between that position, AMC, and writer Robert Kirkman.  No word on a replacement just yet, but at least we can expect to see the show continue on it's reign of terror for at least another year. 

The Walking Dead's second half of season 3 returns on February 10, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: As a comic reader, do you feel the TV show has been faithful enough or are you struggling with the way they've changed things?
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