New Star Wars Battlefront trailer gives us Darth Vader versus Han Solo

The Empire and the Rebel Alliance are going to do battle once again as soon as you get your hands on a copy of STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT and pop it into your console. You're going to be right in the middle of it, not only seeing what this conflict looks like from the perspective of the Saga's main characters but also down on the ground, as a soldier trying to do right by your side.

That doesn't mean there aren't some fantasy match-ups we won't see occur during our gameplay. We've already gotten a look at our ability to fly the Millennium Falcon, or to take part in a Luke Skywalker-Darth Vader encounter. But, in checking out the new gameplay launch trailer for the game, you'll see that even Han Solo versus Darth Vader is possible, in addition to a much more even face-off between Luke and the Emperor. All bets are off this time and it appears anything can happen, which is right up the alley of any STAR WARS fan who ever wondered what would have happened if X and Y engaged in a fight.

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT will require you to take a sick day when it comes out on November 17.

Source: EA



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