New Suburbicon trailer shows off more pissed off Matt Damon

I actually enjoy George Clooney, the director. While MONUMENTS MEN wasn't great, I actually loved CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND and GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK. I think he definitely has a good visual style, as well as a way with getting good performances out of actors. So it's no shock that I'm exciting for his - extremely - dark comedy SUBURBICON.

However, not only do you have Clooney behind the camera, but you have the Coen Brothers writing the script, seemingly keeping up their trend of off-beat, dark nihilistic humor with a dry wit and ear for character. Coupled with a completely unhinged Matt Damon performance at the center, and an all-star cast (including Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac), and you've got a must-see on your hands. At least I'm definitely going to see it.

Meanwhile, SUBURBICON will beat its way into theaters October 27th.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite George Clooney directed feature? I actually really liked his debut CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND (of which Matt Damon makes a quick cameo).
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