New toy offers best look yet at Steppenwolf in Justice League

For those of you who felt betrayed and abused over having to wait until WONDER WOMAN came out in theaters to see what the villain Ares looked like, then I’m sorry inform  you that such will probably be the case with Steppenwolf for JUSTICE LEAGUE. But that doesn’t mean leaks cannot be found, and for movies like this they’re being discovered in the toy aisle every day, and we now have the best look yet at the big baddie courtesy of his action figure. Never trust plastic with your secrets.

Batman-News got a hold of some pics of the villain in toy form (which have now made their way across Twitter), with the figure coming in a two-pack with Batman (Ben Affleck). Obviously the real movie version won’t look like it’s made of plastic and glue (or will it?), but as of now this is the best look we have at the character.

I’m sure the actual design in the final product will look much cooler, but for now all I can see is Davy Jones from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN after getting a face lift. Sure, it’s the best the water-dwelling baddie has looked in years, but as for Steppenwolf it still leaves me wanting for the real thing.

The positive side of it all is that I can already imagine actor Ciaran Hinds playing a character like this, his large presence and heavy voice bringing this character into existence. This may be a bigger reveal than Warner Bros. would’ve hoped for us to see at this point, but if one thing is becoming abundantly clear it’s that the secrets the NSA contains doesn’t have jack on the toy aisle at K-Mart.

JUSTICE LEAGUE with Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller and more arrives November 17.

Source: Batman-NewsTwitter



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