New trailer reminds you Sesame Street will be on HBO in the new year

Earlier this year, we learned that SESAME STREET would be partially relocating to the cable confines of HBO. For the 46th season, HBO would be airing first-run episodes of the classic PBS series, while also gaining access to past seasons of the show, which you can now let your kids binge-watch on HBO's apps and on-demand set-up when you want them to be quiet for a little bit and learn something. Nine months in the future, PBS would begin airing these new episodes for the public. Everyone still gets their SESAME STREET, but this was seen as the best way to keep the show rolling financially into the future.

Today, HBO and SESAME STREET gave us a fresh reminder of their arrangement with a new trailer, revealing the premiere date for the new season, in addition to offering up some new footage of what we can expect (I hope it's far less Elmo than we've gotten in recent years).

SESAME STREET premieres on HBO on January 16, 2016.

Source: HBO



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