Oscar-winner Eminem is ready to return to acting for Fox thriller

Did I just type "Oscar-winner Eminem?" Huh, I did, didn't I? I almost forgot about that. So it turns out that the man who has more Oscars than Sidney Lumet and Sergio Leone combined is returning to the big-screen for his first acting role since 2002's 8 MILE. Em is set to star in RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE, a crime-thriller set up at Fox.

The film would star Em as an ex-con trying to keep his life straight despite pressure from his former colleagues to rejoin the gang and from the FBI to join them in taking the gang down.

VIOLENCE has apparently been bouncing around Fox for years now with a number of writers taking different stabs at the material. Currently David Von Ancken ("Californication"), who wrote the most recent draft, is in line to direct the film.

It's unclear if Eminem, whose "Recovery" was the #1 album of 2010, would contribute any songs to the soundtrack of the film but it's hard to imagine that he wouldn't have some part in that. No word yet on when filming on VIOLENCE might begin.

Extra Tidbit: Will he pull a Rock and start going by Marshall Mathers when he's acting?
Source: THR



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