Phil Lord and Chris Miller developing a time travel sitcom for Fox

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are quickly becoming some of the busiest guys in Hollywood; when you take into account all of the upcoming projects which they have a hand in, be it producing, writing, or directing, it's a pretty impressive slate. There are sequels and spin-offs to THE LEGO MOVIE, DC's THE FLASH, an animated SPIDER-MAN film, 23 JUMP STREET, and the big one...the Star Wars anthology film featuring a young Han Solo. That would be a lot on anyone's plate, and I haven't even counted the numerous television projects the pair are involved with, but TV Insider reports that they're adding yet another project to their busy schedules.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord are developing In Time for Fox, a single-camera time travel sitcom which follows "the exploits of three friends with mundane lives in the present who wind up experiencing the adventure of time travel." Fox has given In Time a "put pilot" order, which basically means that the network will have to pay a large fine if the pilot doesn't end up being produced. Thus, it seems likely that we'll be seeing In Time on our screens in some form or another. The Last Man on Earth, which stars Will Forte, also airs on Fox and has proven to be quite a big success so it's only natural that the studio would want to stay in the Chris Miller/Phil Lord business.

It's probably no coincidence that the news of a time travel comedy broke today of all days; after all, it is the seventy-fifth anniversary of the publication of Ernest Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Wink.

Source: TV Insider



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