Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse: Jake Johnson says he hasn’t recorded any dialogue yet

The Peter Parker of the Spider-Verse animated films has yet to start recording for the the third movie, but assures fans not to be worried about it.

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The Sony animated films Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse have both received immense praise from audiences and critics. The last film ended on a cliffhanger and promised an epic conclusion to the trilogy, but Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, which was supposed to come out this March, was delayed a few months ago. Phil Lord and Chris Miller explained that they delayed the film in order to maintain the same high-quality bar they set with the other movies. Although Lord and Miller are hard at work on the third film, Jake Johnson, who voices Peter Parker, says he’s yet to start recording dialogue for the film, making it seem as though the delay will be longer than expected.

According to CinemaBlend, Johnson appeared on ReelBlend podcast to promote his new Hulu comedy, Self Reliance, when he addressed his pending work on the third Spider-Verse film and assured fans not to panic about the delay. Johnson explained, “Nothing. Well, I will say, I can’t say anything about (the release date), but I will say with recording of actors, things can go fast. So, my not recording truly means nothing. If you find out the animators hadn’t started animating, then that’s a different thing. But there’s Really no breaking news from a voiceover actor. Even if we try to break it. If they wanted to… like I did a movie for Wildwood Studios. I might be saying that wrong. If I am, I feel embarrassed. But I recorded my entire role in one day.”

Meanwhile, Johnson has his directorial debut, Self Reliance, coming out this January 12 on Hulu. The comedy stars Johnson, as well as  Anna Kendrick, Natalie Morales, Andy Samberg, GaTa, Emily Hampshire, Mary Holland, Boban Marjanović, Christopher Lloyd and Wayne Brady. The synopsis reads, When a middle-aged man is invited into a limo by famous actor Andy Samberg, his dull life takes a thrilling turn. Johnson is offered a chance to win a million dollars in a dark web reality TV show, where assassins from all over the world attempt to kill him for 30 days. The catch? He can’t be killed if he’s not entirely alone, leading him to recruit an unlikely team to help him survive.

Source: CinemaBlend

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