Interview: Self Reliance stars Jake Johnson & Biff Wiff talk about the comedy, character chemistry, and origin of Johnson’s feature directorial debut

We talk with Jake Johnson and Biff Wiff about Johnson’s feature directorial debut for the comedy Self Reliance.

We had the pleasure of discussing Self Reliance with Jake Johnson (Tag, New Girl) and his co-star, Biff Wiff (Brooklyn Nine-NineEverything Everywhere All At Once), who, in the film, form an unlikely friendship to keep Johnson’s character from getting killed by mysterious assassins.

Speaking with Johnson and Wiff, we touch on the origin and journey of bringing Self Reliance to screens, how the duo built their on-screen chemistry, and whether Johnson and Wiff could spend 30 days in each other’s company non-stop.

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In Self Reliance, Tommy (Johnson), a middle-aged man, is invited into a limo by famous actor Andy Samberg. His dull life takes a thrilling turn when the Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Saturday Night Live alum offers him a chance to win a million dollars in a dark web reality TV show. Here’s the catch: the game involves assassins from all over the world attempting to hunt and kill him for 30 days. However, the rules dictate that Tommy can’t be killed if he’s not entirely alone, leading him to recruit an unlikely team to help him survive.

While we have an official review from JoBlo’s Alex Maidy, I’d like to offer my opinion on the film. Self-Reliance is a fun, funny, unpredictable, and surprisingly heartfelt tale with endearing characters. Johnson shines as the film’s director, writer, and star, with Wiff and Kendrick amplifying the laughs.

We invite you to check out our entertaining and laid-back interview with Jake Johnson and Biff Wiff about Self Reliance, coming to Hulu on January 12, 2024.

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