Prepare for more mutants in the first trailer for new X-Men show The Gifted

Superheroes are expanding from the silver screen to the small one, with DC and Marvel both rolling out tons of shows on The CW (DC) and Netflix (Marvel). Now Fox is entering the race in a big way, throwing us into new areas of the X-Men universe with LEGION and their newest show, THE GIFTED. The first trailer dropped for the latter last night, and some mutant action is certainly awaiting us...as well as some taut family drama.

The show is being executive produced by Bryan Singer – the patriarch of the X-MEN movie universe  in addition to him directing the show’s pilot episode. If LEGION seemed more like a cerebral affair this one seems going the route of a family drama. The idea of how parents – and people in general – accept/reject their loved ones when they find out they’re mutants has been underlying theme of the X-Men series, and now the show looks to dig into that directly. I didn’t watch LEGION, despite everyone telling me to, and I can’t imagine I’ll watch this one either. But for X-Men die-hard, this could be a worthy addition to the pile.

THE GIFTED with Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker will debut this fall.



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