Quentin Tarantino has finished writing his latest, The Hateful Eight, and is looking to Bruce Dern and Christoph Waltz to star

Ladies and gentlemen, Quentin Tarantino has finished drafting his latest screenplay. Let the casting begin! As the DJANGO UNCHAINED and PULP FICTION director is prone to do, he has begun reaching out to potential stars he has in mind for his next film, a western rumored to be titled THE HATEFUL EIGHT. Two actors being pursued are Christoph Waltz and Bruce Dern, both veterans of DJANGO UNCHAINED.

Deadline broke news of the script being completed and that Dern and Waltz are being considered. Tarantino will likely see if the actors are interested and then further develop the script once he knows for sure. Dern is currently a top contender for an Oscar nomination for his work in Alexander Payne's NEBRASKA and had a tiny role as the slave owner who separated Django from Broomhilda in the Best Picture nominated DJANGO. Waltz, of course, is the two time Oscar winner for Tarantino's last pair of films.

Consider this the point where we can begin salivating over the prospects of what the next Tarantino movie will have in store. Keep in mind that both the genre and title are rumors at this point and until the screenplay inevitably leaks in the coming months we are at the mercy of rumor. Exciting rumors, but rumors nonetheless.

Extra Tidbit: Which actors do you want to see in Quentin Tarantino's next film?
Source: Deadline



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