Riddick director David Twohy to helm time travel thriller Replay

RIDDICK director David Twohy has found his next project and it will keep him in the familiar scifi territory that has been his wheelhouse since helming the popular Vin Diesel franchise. This time, the film will be less space opera and more thriller as Twohy has signed up to helm REPLAY for Relativity.

Written by Joe Gazzam, REPLAY will be a time travel thriller with elements of THE FUGITIVE, a film for which Twohy was recognized as the screenwriter.

Story tracks Tyler Vaughn, a test subject in a quantum experiment who’s sent four days into the future, only to discover his son has been killed and he’s been fingered for the murder. When the day ends, he’s pulled back one day prior and realizes he must solve the mystery of his son’s death as he jumps backward, one day at a time, to stop it from happening on the day of the initial experiment.

Twohy has had a long career as a screenwriter but has also made some good movies outside of the PITCH BLACK series. As a director, he has made the underseen A PERFECT GETAWAY and the Charlie Sheen science fiction movie THE ARRIVAL amongst others. REPLAY sounds like it could be a very intriguing concept, but it will all depend on who gets cast in the lead as to whether it will be worth seeing. Maybe Twohy can convince Vin Diesel to suit up for the flick?

REPLAY is tentatively set to go into production in 2015.

Source: Deadline



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