Update: Russo Brothers confirm Infinity War trailer arrives tomorrow

Update: The Russo Brothers put out this little ditty this morning after their previous "number two" post, saying the trailer hits on Wednesday, a day earlier than we expected. Turns out the numbers were probably acting as a countdown (3...2...1), and not citing the number of days left:

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Yesterday kicked off a great week for Marvel fans, with a Vanity Fair spread that gave us a new look at all the heroes and characters we’ve been introduced to over the years, and who will no doubt make an appearance in INFINITY WAR and/or AVENGERS 4. But most excitingly Joe and Anthony Russo dropped a hint the movie’s trailer would be coming soon, though no one knew if it was a matter of days or weeks. We now have our answer, and another adorable, numerical creature to call a friend.

Yesterday the brothers posted a number three image on social media, hinting the INFINITY WAR trailer could be coming in a matter of three days or weeks. Now they’ve taken to social media again with the number two, and all but confirmed we will see the trailer this Thursday. That or something has happened in the solar system to make weeks occur over 24 hours now. Oh god, I’m already an old man!

The VF covers hinted this would be the week for INFINITY WAR stuff, including a trailer. Some clips from the movie were leaked online this weekend, and though I’m sure Marvel and Disney already planned to put out the trailer, the leak no doubt confirmed to them it’s time to officially show off the goods. It's also worth noting that Marvel has a tendency to put out the first trailer/teasers for their May releases during the same time frame, with both the first CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 trailers hitting late November/early December. 

We don’t know the exact time of the trailer drop, but there’s a good chance it will debut in front of millions of people during Thursday Night Football on NBC. That’s the best time to release a trailer of this magnitude to the public, who can then rush online and watch it as many times as they like. I know I will, and you should all too. It’s your civic duty.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR hits theaters May 4, 2018, and be sure to stick around for the trailer this Thursday.

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