Sam Worthington says Avatar 2 will begin shooting in October 2014

After rumors that placed filming at the end of 2013, we now have a somewhat official start date for when AVATAR 2 through 4 will begin filming. In a recent interview with an Australian radio station, AVATAR star Sam Worthington revealed that the three sequels will begin filming back to back in October 2014. That would give James Cameron just about two years before the scheduled release of AVATAR 2 in December 2016.

Filming movies back to back is hard work, especially for FX heavy movies like AVATAR and LORD OF THE RINGS. Even with THE HOBBIT trilogy, Peter Jackson had to go back for reshoots prior to the release of the second and third films. Cameron is likely to spend a lot of time perfecting the technology on the films and then a lot of time in post-production with the additional effects and the 3D.

Whether you loved AVATAR or hated it, you have to admit the films were quite spectacular visually, especially the 3D. Not many films have come close to the use of the technology and I would imagine James Cameron is not content to rest on his laurels. AVATAR 2 is going to be something unique visually and should be quite the treat when we get to see it.



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