Sarah Shahi is becoming Nancy Drew for CBS

The last time anyone tried to do anything with the character of Nancy Drew, Warner Bros. couldn't quite get a franchise off the ground with a poorly received feature film starring Emma Roberts. That was 2007. But as we've all learned... if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

And CBS is doing that, ready to take their shot with Nancy Drew as a series on the network, making the character contemporary for a pilot order that has now landed Sarah Shahi as the lead.

Shahi, who most recently worked on PERSON OF INTEREST, will take Carolyn Keene's character into her thirties where she operate as an NYPD detective, using her superior skills to help solve crimes while also dealing with the complexities of today's world. Hmmm... Sounds like that Sherlock Holmes show starring Jonny Lee Miller that airs on... Well, what do you know - CBS.

CBS had gone out and sought a more diverse actress for the role in recent weeks, aiming to cast talent that is representative of how America looks far and wide and not just in one specific demographic. Shahi fits their bill, but, also has her own strong screen presence that could make this work.

Source: TVLine



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