See Jay Hernandez riding in style with First Look photo for Magnum P.I.

For those of you who're happy to see this year's winter weather finally recede into the bowels of Hell from whence it came, CBS has released a photo hailing from their modern take on MAGNUM P.I. starring Jay Fernandez as the decorated former Navy SEAL who re-purposes his military skills to become a private investigator in Hawaii. In the above photo, Hernandez can be seen lounging in a red convertible, riding casually through a gorgeous beachfront property. It's a real "Wish you were here" kind of image, if you ask me.

The stylish photo comes just days after CBS announced that they've ordered a full series of the show after talk of it being rebooted started making the internet rounds. In the original series, Tom Selleck played a private sick who established his business after returning from Vietnam. When Hernandez steps onto the scene, his Magnum P.I. will have just arrived from a tour in Afghanistan.

Also set to appear in the rebooted series is PENNY DREADFUL's Perdita Weeks, who will play a gender-swapped version of Jonathan Higgins, a character originally portrayed by John Hilllerman in the 1980s original series. When Weeks' Juliet Higgins arrives on the scene, she will enter the program as the property manager of the estate of Magnum's employer, writer Robin Masters. Joining Hernandez and Weeks for the rebooted MAGNUM P.I. will be a host of support characters, including a former MI:6 agent and two fellow U.S. military veterans. It's also been said that the new show will pay special attention to the trials and tribulations veterans face after returning home from duty - such as PTSD and Invisible Wounds.

Here's hoping that Hernandez, who starred as Diablo in David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD, and is widely known for his roles on SCANDAL and LAST RESORT, has the star power to lead MAGNUM P.I. into the limelight. I say this because this is not the first time that the MAGNUM P.I. property has a tried to reinvigorate itself. You see, back in 2016, ABC made an attempt at developing a sequel series centering about Magnum's daughter. Eva Longoria was a producer on the project, which did not end up receiving a pilot order.

Will you be checking out MAGNUM P.I. upon its return? Let us know in the comments section below.

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