Shaq wants to give Robert Downey Jr. a beatdown in an Avengers movie

With some heroes probably exiting the scene after the next two AVENGERS movies, there’s plenty of room for new heroes to come in fill in the gaps. What the team will need is another heavy hitter – and Shaquille O'Neal is throwing his name in the ring. In fact, Shaq is almost too ready to be in the MCU, and he’s already envisioning himself giving Iron Man a cold, hard, fistful of steel.

The basketball legend and all-around pop-culture icon was recently talking with EW about future projects, and which movies he would like to be in in the future if given the chance. He talked about being in an Avengers movie…if for one big reason:

 I would love to be in one of the Avengers movies. I would like to kick Robert Downey Jr.'s ass.


Though it would seem folly for anyone man – including one as big as Shag – to take on an Avenger, O’Neal does have his own superpowered history. Back in 1997 Shaq starred in the DC comics-based superhero movie STEEL, with him playing a man who dons a special suit of armor to take on bad guys. Sound familiar?

As awesome as it would be to see Shaq knocking out Iron Man like Thanos did in the INFINITY WAR trailer, O’Neal will perhaps stay in the DC realm, wanting to do a remake of STEEL with updated visual effects:

It was an awesome opportunity. I’d like to redo it and get some of these 2018 special effects.

Alright, internet community, it's up to you. You have two options: Either you edit Shaq into the INFINITY WAR trailer, or do you a mashup of the trailer and Shaq's most iconic movie - KAZAAM. The ball is in your court.

Source: EW



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