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There's only 3 months standing between us and Hugh Jackman's final turn as Wolverine in James Mangold's LOGAN. This R-rated adventure paints a bleak future for our mutants, and promises to deliver the grit and gore that seemingly comes with a character who sports razor-sharp claws. Before the adventure begins, 20th Century Fox has one final trailer to deliver, and they're going about it in a very unique way.

You can head over to 1974framesoflogan.com and actually enter your mailing address to receive a custom limited-edition postcard featuring a single frame from the final trailer. Once it arrives, you can share it online using #OneLastTime. Given that there's only 1,974 frames to go around, I wouldn't waste any time signing up for your collectible!

If we math the shit out of this (24 frames per second), that leaves us with a trailer that's not even a minute and a half. I'm willing to bet that this promotion won't include blank screens or text, so the final trailer is probably a little longer. Still, I signed up for my postcard so here's looking forward to the final trailer and all of the fantastic imagery it yields!

LOGAN will open in theaters on March 3, 2017.



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