Slither's Gregg Henry joins Guardians of the Galaxy

The moment you think casting is done for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY someone else is added to the roster.

This bit of news comes from a frequent collaborator of James Gunn via Twitter:

As Henry already pointed out, he's been in both SLITHER and SUPER for Gunn. Oh, and he lent his voice to Gunn's game creation LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW. You may have also seen him in UNITED 93, THE BLACK DAHLIA, and a great deal of television roles, most recently SCANDAL and THE KILLING. He was one of my favorite parts of HBO's HUNG starring Thomas Jane.

The actor didn't indicate which role he would be taking on though I think it's safe to say that it will likely be a more minor part. I love the actors that Gunn cast in his films. He tends to find an interesting mix of people and it always works out favorably.

One person missing out of the Gunn favorites is Nathan Fillion. I know we often throw him out for popular roles but he's a genuinely awesome guy. What if he ended up being the voice of Rocket Raccoon? He can pull off a Cockney accent, right?

Source: Twitter



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