Some notable X-Men characters are on their way to the Marvel Legends toyline

The Marvel Legends action-figure series has really been cranking out the good, lately. Recently, they’ve released detailed toys for characters like Captain Marvel, Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat, Spider-Woman and more!

Now, it’s being reported that the next wave of posable playthings will be X-Men themed, and will feature a few notable characters that fans have been requesting for quite some time. Today, Hasbro let fly the details of the figures that will soon ship out to retailers across the globe. Get your wallets ready, kids, because a Jim Lee-designed Cyclops, retro version of Dazzler, a classic Shatterstar, Sunfire, and Polaris are on their way! Additionally, they’ll be an Old Man Logan version of Wolverine and a more modern Marvel NOW rendition of Colossus. A majority of the figures will of course come with a build-a-character piece that, when assembled, looks to form a sweet looking Warlock figurine.

You can check out some photos of the figures below, and start clearing some space on your shelves, work desk, or wherever your geek-related paraphernalia chills out.

These figures are expected to hit the shelves quite soon, so get out there hunt your favorites down before they’re all gone!

Extra Tidbit: What characters that have yet to appear as a part of the Marvel Legends series would you like to see on the shelves of your local department or toy store? Let us know in the comments section below!
Source: fwoosh.com



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