Update: Stare into the many pupils of Ahmanet in new Mummy poster

UPDATE: A new trailer tease for a new full trailer coming this Sunday also dropped, featuring 15 seconds of new footage. 15 whole seconds, guys!

The UMU (Universal Monster Universe) will be kicking into high gear this summer with the Tom Cruise-led THE MUMMY, a movie where Cruise will probably do another massive stunt involving him running down the Great Pyramid of Giza…for realsises! There’s a ton of mystery surrounding the movie and how it will tie to other planned creature features from the studio, and hopefully the new trailer will answer more. But until then all we got is this new poster, featuring a double-pupiled Sofia Boutella and Princess Ahmanet:

She should look into Lasik surgery or something, get all that fixed right up in a few sessions.

Anyway the poster looks suitably creepy, and our own Paul Shirey and Sean Wist were on-hand at Cinema Con to get a new look at the movie, where the latter described the movie as “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE meets MUMMY.” So whether or not this movie will be genuinely scary is still up in the clouds, but a monster action flick it will indeed be.

THE MUMMY arrives June 9.

Source: Universal



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