Stranger Things' David Harbour believes Barb is "fully dead"


Who would’ve thunk STRANGER THINGS would become the phenomenon it has? It was an original concept that took the world by storm to the point where I’m sure there are people locking themselves in their room writing piles of fan fiction. The show is that big, but there’s an internet concern that has grown even larger than the show itself: What about Barb?

The character (played by Shannon Purser) vanished to the Upside-Down much like Will (Noah Schnapp), and yet did not get the same manhunt the boy did. This has led to outrage in the fan community wondering why no one gives a shit about Barb. Well, David Harbour (Chief Jim Copper) went on The Tonight Show (via EW) to give fans the honest truth:

“The internet rage over Barb, like who knew? Shannon [Purser] is amazing, but the character’s in like two episodes, barely. And the internet rage at Chief Hopper over not caring about Barb, I’m sorry. I have a little boy I have to save!”
 “There will be justice for Barb.  But I can assure you, if you think Barb is coming back, she’s fully dead. C’mon, there was a slug, and the whole… no.”

The audience was notably distraught at that last part, but the guy has a point, even if he was simply playing around. The character (or at least someone who looks like her) was seen looking very dead with a slug slithering (What do slugs do? Crawl? Fall? Glide??) out of her very dead mouth. I can’t imagine even he knows what’s happening in season two, but Harbour seems to have his own notion as to what happened. I agree with him that the character was extremely minor in the grand scheme of things, but audiences can’t stand not knowing, and this idea that her fate wasn’t directly stated, and the fact no one else in the show seemed to care about her disappearance, has been driving fans mad. This is probably just a joke on Harbour’s front, but still, it makes you think the mystery around Barb is more cut and dried than fan theories may suggest. Still, let the speculation commence!



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